New Year Resolutions How to keep on track

Wednesday, 11 March 2020 22:33

How to get back on track with your New Year Resolutions

Heading into every New Year there is always so much looking forward, so much anticipation towards what we want to achieve in the coming year. In January many people pledge to eat more healthily, to exercise more and, the big one, to eat less SUGAR. Sugar is one of the worst products we can put into our bodies. It is reported to be more addictive than cocaine. It is something that makes most people gain weight and once we consume it, our bodies crave more and more of it.

Break it down into steps to make it more manageable

Go back to your notebook. Write your resolution in the centre of the page and then make a mind map around it of all the ways you can make this happen and achieve your resolution. Don’t write down ‘eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day’ if you don’t have the time, capacity or commitments to make this happen. Equally, don’t write ‘exercise everyday’ if you know this is simply unachievable as it will evoke feelings of being a failure if you don’t do it which may well lead you off track.

Make steps manageable and realistic in YOUR life. Things like ‘try a new piece of fruit or veg 3 times a week’ might be a more reasonable plan. Remember, small steps ultimately build bigger change and achieve better results.

Be prepared to formulate different ways to achieve your resolution

The way you planned to achieve your resolution may not actually work, so it is good to have a Plan B. Success is all about being prepared.

Be prepared to be flexible because sometimes life can’t be planned and you may need to adapt. Flexibility doesn’t mean failure, it means taking a small diversion.

Have someone to hold you accountable

Perhaps a partner or friend could join in with you or at least take some healthier meals with you, or go with you to an exercise class or just simply go out walking with you. It is much harder to say no and give up on your resolutions when you have someone on your side supporting you.

Be kind to yourself

We are our own worst critics. When something isn’t going well or right or happening as fast as we would like we can so easily beat ourselves up about it. Don’t. Instead, be kind and talk kindly to yourself. It is essential to success and for being in the right mind set.

Track your progress and reward hard work

Go back to your notebook and use it to document your daily progress. Spend 5 minutes at the end of each day writing down how you are getting on and what you achieved that day. Also, note what you hope to achieve the following day. Set yourself an intention. This can be good for reassurance when things are getting tough to read over what you have written. Of course, a little treat for your hard work is always good. Reaching a milestone in your resolution or just for sticking to your plan over a week or fortnight deserves a simple reward. Something relatively cheap and easily obtained and non-food related if your goal is to lose weight. Maybe have a long, luxurious bath or download a book to listen to, something for personal development is always a good reward. Something that fits with your budget and is not disproportionate to the achievement.

Speak to people who inspire you and surround yourself with positive people

No matter what your goal, there will surely be people you know who have already achieved something similar. Reaching out to them, asking how they did it is a great way to gain extra motivation. A few words of inspiration from them or a great tip you had not thought about maybe all you need to help you progress through the coming weeks and months. Remember, staying positive is hard, so do not hang around with negative people. Be mindful of the Law of Attraction.

Revaluate at the end of the month

Look back over your progress and give yourself a pat on the back. It is an opportunity to assess whether what you are doing is achieving what you want? If not, make some small adjustments. If it is, then brilliant, continue with more of the same.

 Adapted from an article written by Amanda Brookes, blogger & serious foodie


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