Master photographer Ian Cartwright

Master photographer Ian Cartwright sits on judging panel

BBC member, Ian Cartwright is a Master Qualified European Photographer, which is the highest photographic distinction available in the UK. He has just returned from Prague after being asked to serve as the UK's representative judge, assessing applications for the distinctions of Qualified European Photographer (QEP) and Master Qualified European Photographer (MQEP).

In its 40th biennial sitting, the Federation of European Photographers has been judging a record 57 applicants, 35 for QEP and 22 for MQEP. Styles vary across Europe but quality is clear to see for all the Judges from all nations. This winter, the UK produced two new QEPs, in Barrie Spence (Portrait) from near Edinburgh and Ray Troll (Industrial) from Preston. Hopefully they will go on soon to join Ian Cartwright and Bryn Griffiths who are currently the only British MQEPs. Click here for all the results (some NSFW). Ian Judging

Ian Cartwright And Neil Warner Discus A Successful MQEP Application
Ian Cartwright and Neil Warner discussing the successful MQEP panel of Francis Selier

Caramel Photography

Cheadle Cheshire SK8 6NL England, UK

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