How to plan your dream break

Wednesday, 28 August 2019 12:14

How to plan your dream break to South East Asia

Fancy getting away from the English winter and exploring sunnier climates?

The dry season in South East Asia is between November and February and considered the better time to travel as the weather is generally drier, and slightly cooler.

With 13 countries that make up the region of South East Asia, it is not surprising that planning a trip can be somewhat overwhelming to the inexperienced. You may have a specific destination in mind, Mike Ellenthorpe and his wife Gayle, your personal travel expert s can help you prioritise what you want to achieve out of your trip, and create a bespoke itinerary that ticks all the right boxes and more.

Whether you are travelling with family, going on a honeymoon or travelling solo, there is a holiday for you. Mike and Gayle have a wealth of experience, and a vast amount of holiday providers at their disposal to ensure you will have a holiday to remember.

Please visit Not just travel to read their latest blog on the amazing experience’s south east Asia have on offer.


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