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Wednesday, 08 May 2019 09:43

Steve is an insurance broker who provides all types of general insurance and health protections.

An 87 year old widower client of mine had to make a claim on her home insurance with a leading insurer. She had been with my agency nearly 10 years and had made a couple of small claims in that time which I have assisted her with.

Recently she returned from holiday to find a leaking pipe from a radiator damaged her carpet and décor to the lounge. Given the sums involved on each item I told her to get on with the replacement of the carpet as the highlight of her weeks are invited friends round for afternoon tea.

The décor was agreed by the insurer but they offered £122 less for the carpet that the supplier had quoted £770 for. Insurers argued that their supplier could supply at the wholesale price and this was the extent of their liability. I made a complaint and asked that given she was 87, on her own, would have had to wait at least 2 more weeks for the carpet that they should pay the additional £122. They refused. I raiased a complaint again and again it was turned out. Finally, I approached someone within the company who I felt was of sufficient authority to help me overturn the decision. Two days later I received a phone call to say the £122 would be paid.

Tehcnically insurers were right but morally I felt they were wrong and I hate injuctice. That £122 meant the world to my client and she was so grateful. She was over the moon. All I did was to look after my client and have them treated as I would want myself or a member of my family treated.

Sometimes it’s the principle, sometimes it’s the money. On this occasion it was both.

Steve Allen Insurance – A Broker that cares.


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I endeavour to offer all my clients a first class service. A service that they have probably never experienced before.

The aim is to ensure that all clients are insured correctly and if the worst ever happens, disaster strikes, whether to property or health I will be there to provide all the necessary help and support required. Something that is sadly lacking in our industry.

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