Rebranding focussing on a client’s USP

Thursday, 28 March 2019 15:45

Graeme Armitage not only has the creativity and vision to best promote a client’s brand and the subsequent marketing, but has many years of experience working alongside like-minded and talented people to achieve the final goal. Here he describes a recent project with clients who were introduced to him as a result of being a Bowdon Business Club member.

I am pleased to announce the launch of a new website for my client Three Circles Limited. The site takes an innovative and creative approach to promote the clients key USP which is to save their customers time, and ultimately money, by using their scientific skill set. By aiding the development process of medical devices and pharmaceuticals, they help clients to plug the competency gaps in device development and provide the resource to do the job if the expertise or resource is not available in-house.

Brand repositioning

The process involved brand repositioning of the client's whole identity which included a new website - they are very happy with the outcome. The concept and narrative worked very well, putting into layman's terms some very complex ideas and processes, supported impeccably by visually stunning illustrations. The illustrations were produced by David Parkins, who now lives in Canada, who I met at Art School back in the 1970s.

The value of the Bowdon Business Club

This client was introduced to me by an ex-member of the Bowdon Business Club, Andy Key, who sadly left as he moved out of the area. I think this demonstrates one of the true values of our networking group, which is that the relationships you develop with people while they are in the group, do often last and continue to flourish if they are no longer members.

Referral based group

Being a referrals based group we have many diverse business sectors, some in the B2C category can be easier for members to pass referrals to, it can be difficult for some members, like me, who are in the consultancy area of B2B. Receiving meaningful referrals is often not a simple process, and in many ways it’s not the referral I value. It's the relationships you build with members, the understanding of your business, your personal capabilities and experience of your integrity they will gain, which is more likely to lead to a meaningful referral and valuable work.

One of the things I have learned over the years great project come about through the combination of great client receptive and understanding of the creativity you can bring to the party, then to collaborate with like-minded and talented people to achieve a final goal - that is why I believe that building relationships is so important.

You can see more of my branding work here and some web design work here.

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