Plug your business - the sequel

Following a tried and tested format our 5th Visitors day was once again well attended. Visitors were given the opportunity to “Plug their business” to a full room. Unlike the format other business clubs generally use, Bowdon Business Club demonstrates how current members of the club could potentially help them rather than seeing it as an opportunity for existing members to talk about themselves

The morning opened at 6.45 with Chris Wrighton (Harold Sharp), Stuart Jamieson (CFI Labels) and Rachel Brassey (MLP Law) receiving guests at the reception area. There was an opportunity for visitors to get to know current members over tea and coffee before the guests were then treated to a full English breakfast. As before visitors and members were seated alternatively to provide an opportunity to continue to talk to existing members over breakfast before the meeting began. All visitors were provided with a complementary visitors’ pack which included a notebook, pen and a business card folder containing the cards of existing members. These were provided by the club’s printer, Stuart Jamieson (CFI Labels).

The meeting taker, Mark Haywood (The decorating company) opened the meeting in his usual bright, sunny way at 7 am. The visitors were warmly welcomed and introduced to the governing committee. The non-for-profit ethos of the club was explained to visitors and the representatives from the four charities we support introduced.

Andrew Pearson (Dynamic Estate Planning) the current Group Leader, acted as spokesperson for club and introduced each visitor individually to the room. Each visitor was given around 3 minutes to talk about their business and what they were looking to achieve by joining. Andrew then introduced certain members of the club who could potentially pass business their way. The members explained a little about their organisation and the potential to work together. This was an enlightening exercise and demonstrated the full potential of what becoming a member could have on their business.

Isra Altayar (IA coaching) who currently is occupying one of our Incubator slots as a new business, joined after the last visitors’ day. She explained how quickly she had settled in, how she was made to feel very welcome and had received lots of help regarding getting the most out of her membership and moving her business forward.

Mark Slater (Wilson Fink) presented a financial report for the club stating the current balance, and how much we had donated to charity.

Craig Savage (Greater Together) spoke on behalf of the Charities the club currently supports. He explained the support of the club goes way further than financial donations from the club. Club members have chosen to support the charities independently both financially and practically. Last Christmas, club members donated items to make large hampers for each charity which were then raffled. And it isn’t just the businesses who contribute - Air cadets from 318 squadron recently volunteered to help erect beds and organised bedding etc in a venue which had been kindly offered as a rolling night shelter for the homeless.

Becoming a member of Bowdon Business Club often means long term relationships are created resulting in business continuing to be done long after the member has found they are unable to continue to attend the meetings. Chris Wrighton (Harold Sharp), explained, in his experience as a long-term member, this “Ripple Effect” and how over the years has amounted to a considerable amount of business.

Richard Whitehurst (The Tutor Doctor), gave a report as social secretary – He outlined some of the varied and interesting events the club have had this year demonstrating the importance of fun within the club as well as the need to build strong bonds with each other as people as well as business associates.

The meeting concluded with Steve Allen, (Steve Allen Insurance) delivering an inspiration and education slot. He cleverly delivered a BREXIT themed dialogue highlighting the benefits of joining the club as apposed to going it alone!

He reinforced that the Bowdon Business Club is a business club where high-quality relationships are made over a period of time resulting in a team of members promoting and exposing your business both verbally and digitally instead of just you.

The event was photographed by Ian Cartwright (Caramel Photography).

Visitors have been invited to return as a guest, on a Friday of their choosing over the next few weeks where they will have an opportunity to experience the business club during a regular weekly meeting. They will also have another chance to tell the members a bit more about their business and decide whether they would join.

For those who were unable to secure a place at this visitors’ day, you are more than welcome to visit one of our weekly Friday morning meetings. Please note we operate a one per profession policy please see our website for more information

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