Plug your business 2 – the sequel!

Bowdon Business Club hosted their fourth visitors’ day which, again, was a huge success.

Fully booked once again, visitors were given the opportunity to “Plug their business” to a packed room. A format which has proved to be a great success turning on its head the usual format other business clubs follow. Bowdon Business Club wishes to demonstrate how the club can help potential new members rather than seeing it as an opportunity for existing members to talk about themselves.

Members and guests arrived at the usual meeting time, 6.45 am, and were introduced to current members over tea and coffee. Guests were then treated to a full English breakfast and seated at alternative place settings providing an opportunity to continue to talk to existing members over breakfast before the meeting began.

The meeting was chaired by Mark Haywood, The Decorating Company, with Andrew Pearson, Dynamic Estate Planning, the current Group Leader, acting as spokesperson for club who introduced the visitors to the current members. Each visitor was given around 3 minutes to ‘pitch’ to the room. Members of the club who could potentially pass business their way were then invited to explain this potential. This was an enlightening exercise and demonstrated the full potential of what becoming a member could have on their business.

Chris Wrighton, Harold Sharp, who is one of the longest standing members, gave an account of the huge amount of business he has received over the years as a direct result of being a member. Most of which is repeat business year after year and has come from not only existing members, but past members, visitors and as a result of the “Ripple Effect”. The “Ripple Effect” is the term we give to business which has been gained as a direct result of the business club but not from a current member – i.e. through ex members, someone who has visited in the past or one of these contacts passing on business to other sources.

The Royal Manchester Children's Hospital – the largest children’s hospital in the country (far bigger than GOSH) – is one of our chosen charities, Joel Oxberry represented the charity. He sadly could not be present on the day but sent a message which highlighted the benefit of being associated with a non for profit organisation such as Bowdon Business Club. The club has donated over £8,000 to charity over the years and have already set aside £1,500 for donations this year.

Richard Whitehurst, The Tutor Doctor, gave a report as social secretary – He outlined some of the varied and interesting events the club have had this year demonstrating the importance of fun within the club as well as the need to build strong bonds with each other as people as well as business associates.

The meeting concluded with Steve Allen, Steve Allen Insurance, delivering an inspiration and education slot. He reinforced the fact that to progress and increase business opportunities by gaining leads, and subsequent business, via a platform such as a business club makes sense. With members all getting to know your business and looking out for business opportunities for you, you can effectively multiply your sales team by 25.

He reinforced that the Bowdon Business Club is a business club where relationships are made over a period and members understand the value of high quality, mutual referrals among professionals who know and trust each other’s capabilities.

Visitors have been invited to return as a guest, on a Friday of their choosing over the next few weeks where they will have an opportunity to experience the business club during a regular weekly meeting. They will also have another chance to tell the members a bit more about their business and decide whether they would join.

For those who were unable to secure a place at this visitors’ day, you are more than welcome to visit one of our weekly Friday morning meetings. Please note we operate a one per profession policy please see our website for more information

View the long version of the movie here

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