Cyber-crime increases at Christmas

Tuesday, 12 December 2017 11:34

During this busy festive period, the risk of cyber-crime increases…

During the festive period, Cybercriminals really step up a gear, preparing well in advance for their online activity.

2015 was named the biggest cybercrime Christmas ever, with online retailers in Europe stopping more than 45 million attempted online attacks in just three months.

Steve Allen has many years of experience within the insurance field, not only finding the right policy for his clients but also from a claims point of view.

Working with Hiscox insurance, Steve is very aware of the need for both domestic and commercial clients to be covered if they should become a victim of cyber-crime.

Cyber-crime is making headlines such as the attack on the NHS and the discovery of the Petrwrap virus which has swept across the globe.

What would happen if your business was successfully attacked? Did you know you can insure yourself for such eventualities? Costs to your business may incur directly as a result of an incident.

So, what does a Cyber and Data Risk policy cover?

Ransomware - Cyber extortion

If a hacker tries to hold your business to ransom a Cyber and Data Risk policy will cover the ransom you have paid, as well as the services of a leading risk consultancy firm to help manage the situation.

Breach costs

A Cyber and Data Risk policy will enable you to receive practical support in the event of a data breach (electronic or otherwise). This includes forensic investigations, legal advice, notifying customers or regulators, and offering support such as credit monitoring to affected customers.

Cyber business interruption

Cover would be provided for compensation for loss of income, including where caused by damage to your reputation, if a hacker targets your systems and prevents your business from earning revenue.

Hacker damage

You would be reimbursed for the costs of repair, restoration or replacement if a hacker causes damage to your websites, programs or electronic data.

Crisis containment

You would be given expert support to mitigate reputational damage. In the event of a data breach, prompt, confident communication is critical to help minimize the damage to a company’s reputation. Included is crisis containment cover with a leading public relations firm who can provide expert support, from developing communication strategies to running a 24/7 crisis press office.

Amounts you may be liable to pay to others

Privacy protection

Insurers will defend and settle claims made against you for failing to keep customers’ personal data secure. You are also covered for the costs associated with regulatory investigations and settle civil penalties levied by regulators where allowed.

Multimedia liability

The policy includes protection if you mistakenly infringe someone’s copyright, for example by using a picture online without permission, or inadvertently libel a third-party in an email or other electronic communication.

Find the right level of cover for your business

You can choose from different levels of cover to ensure you get the right protection for your business. When working out the amount of cover you need, you should consider:

  • the amount and type of confidential, personal or sensitive data you hold
  • the size of your business
  • your dependence on computer systems.

I am here to ensure you receive the right cover for your business to safeguard your business.

Call me on 0161-766-1927 for a quotation. Don’t wait until its too late!!


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I endeavour to offer all my clients a first class service. A service that they have probably never experienced before.

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