Jo Forrest and Family by Ian Cartwright

There are times in people's lives which are particularly significant: a wedding, a new arrival, a baby beginning to walk, starting school, changing schools, going to college, flying the nest, getting engaged, birthdays, and so on through the cycle of life.

What better way to recall these milestones than with professional photography. After seeing Ian Cartwright's presentations at Bowdon Business Club breakfast meetings, where he shows examples of his work, Jo felt the time was right to gather her children together for an outing and photo session with Ian.

So they all had a trip to Dunham Massey Park, where they found secluded spots and created some lovely natural photos as a family group and as individuals. One of the family members was reluctant at first, but soon found herself quite enjoying the experience. She looks lovely in the photos and will undoubtedly value the memories as she looks back in future years.

Photographing people who say they hate having their photos taken is something of a speciality for Ian.

Jo was also able to have an image taken especially for use as an avatar for her online business use and for social media.

Portrait sessions start from £200 which includes £100 worth of prints. Call 0161 485 2318 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Caramel for sweet memories.

Ian on networking…

“When member Graeme Armitage was developing a new branding scheme and website for his client Cariocca Enterprises in Miles Platting and Ardwick, he brought me in to provide the high quality professional photography his design work demanded. It was an enjoyable commission and everyone was delighted with the results, including me.”


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