Sarah Istephan

Sarah is Marketing and Fundraising Manager for the Altrincham based charity Act4Africa. She plays a key role in the small international development charity, leading marketing and fundraising initiatives and co-ordinating volunteers. She also works directly with Act4Africa’s Ugandan team to develop, monitor, evaluate and report on their programmes.

With a background in senior marketing management, Sarah joined Act4Africa in 2015 and is now thrilled to be involved in all aspects of the charity’s operations and strategic development.

Sarah’s previous roles in the Northwest include brand management for Eurocamp holidays and an exciting three years as Head of Marketing and senior leader at The Lowry, launching the centre as a successful millennium project in 2000 and establishing it as a landmark destination and catalyst for the economic regeneration of Salford and the Quays.

About Act4Africa

Act4Africa empower girls and young women, living in rural Uganda, to transform their own lives. We equip them with the life-skills they need to live confident, healthy lives and free themselves from poverty.

Our non-government partner organisation in Uganda works at grass-roots level in poor communities to address inequalities in health, education and sustainable incomes.

We mobilise women to form savings and enterprise groups; we train them in business and financial literacy; enabling them to access an independent income and gain a voice in their home and their communities.

Using innovative performance techniques, we communicate key messages of gender equality and health education.

We are changing attitudes, transforming communities and saving lives.

Get involved with Act4Africa and help us give women and girls in Uganda a brighter future.

There are many ways you can support Act4Africa. Visit and find out what you can do to help.

Will you, sponsor a girl’s education or buy a girl a goat?

Will you get fit, have fun and save lives by taking on a fundraising challenge?

Sarah on networking...

There are many things that I have learnt from my colleagues in Uganda, not least their natural desire to put people first. In the UK our days are often run like clockwork, working to deadlines all the time. In Africa it is people that matter more than time. A friend once told me, “You have the clocks… we have the time.”

Bowdon Business Club is so much more than Business Networking, it is group of like-minded people, wanting to help each other. I look forward to building relationships and developing successful collaborations that increase the reach and impact of Act4Africa, whilst supporting local businesses and individuals.



Act4Africa Registered Charity No 1092074

Contact: Sarah Istephan

Marketing and Fundraising Manager

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Act4Africa address inequalities through gender justice, health, education and sustainable livelihoods.

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