Sally Haywood

Sally is a Juice PLUS+ Senior Direct Distributor and enjoys helping like-minded individuals who want to make a difference in their health and wealth.

Bridging the gap between what we should, and what we are eating!

“Juice PLUS+ is an easy and convenient way to add good nutrition into the diet and can help everyone to bridge the gap between what we should be eating daily, and what we actually are eating. Juice PLUS+ is bio available, so it gets into the blood stream and starts to work straight away.” Sally explains.

100% whole food-based nutritional support in capsule form, made from the highest quality fruit, vegetables and berries available and free from gluten, lactose, artificial aromas and colours, and chemical stabilisers. Juice PLUS+ has been independently reviewed and researched which has highlighted its many benefits.

“I was introduced to Juice PLUS+ in 2017 and I experienced such huge improvements in my own health and well-being, validated by blood test results, that I decided to join the Juice PLUS+ mission of inspiring healthy living around the world.” She continues

Why I love Juice PLUS+

Why do I love Juice Plus+ so much? Because it has made such a difference in my life and I love helping other people and inspiring healthy living around the world. I love getting feedback from customers who tell me the difference that taking the capsules has made to their lives and health.

Sally on networking...

So far I have really enjoyed being a member of this networking group. Never having done networking like this before I have to say that getting up early to go to the meeting is great for discipline and starting the day off right and it’s great to get a chance to chat with members before the meeting starts and again at the end when it finishes. Being not for profit and supporting 4 charities is a really strong element of the group that drew me in and is what makes this group so very different from other ones. It’s fun, focused and fab for friendship as well as generating referrals for business members around the room. Members are positive, supportive and genuinely interested in finding out more about everyone’s different businesses and finding ways to help each other develop and grow.


Juice PLUS+

Get more out of life

Contact: Sally Haywood

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Juice Plus+ is the way to a new life

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