Krasen Dzhungurov

Krasen Dzhungurov is the Director and Security Consultant for Matchless IT UK Ltd with 11 years of experience in the industry. In the past he has worked for some of the biggest IT Solutions Providers in UK, gaining excellent experience for the industry as whole.

“It is not a question of ‘’IF’’ but a question of ‘’WHEN’’!!! So when it happens, are you prepared for it?!” Says Krasen

Cyber Security should be a priority in every business, no matter the size.

“Matchless IT UK are a Cyber Security Solutions Provider helping small and medium size organizations improve their IT Security posture, protecting their personal or corporate data and therefore reducing the risk of regulatory fines and reputation damage.” explains Krasen.

“An honest and reliable company where customers feel they matter, Matchless IT respond very quickly to client's needs, are responsive to technology changes, provide great service and all while managing to have a smile on our faces!” Krasen continues.

Some of the challenges...

“With the ever-evolving digital age and cybersecurity threats we understand how difficult is for IT departments to maintain high level of service with limited budget and resources, without compromising the level of security. “ Says Krasen “Challenges such as: IT Security, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Regulatory compliances (PCI DSS) Mobility, Data growth and Cloud computing can be difficult to manage and can add unnecessary stress. So why not share those responsibilities and mitigate the risks, by having us as your trusted independent advisor and partner?”

Why are we different

Our approach is different than most organizations and we follow these 3 key principles: People, Processes and Technology. That way we can accurately advise if there are any critical areas that require immediate attention and what are the risks associated. But most importantly, business owners and senior management, armed with that information, giving them the ability to assess better what is the risk to their business, prepare for a worst-case scenario and mitigate that risk.

Krasen on networking ……..

I am one of the newest members and I have already started receiving referrals which is fantastic. Everyone is very relaxed and friendly and I feel I have been a member for many years already. The atmosphere at the meetings is amazing which doesn’t distract from business being done.


Matchless IT UK Limited

Contact: Krasen Dzhungurov
Director and Security Consultant

Our company wants to help you secure your Intangible assets, so that you can be in a strong position as you venture out on your business endeavours. You may not think about all the options that are open to you as a business – most of us don’t, but have you ever considered for example that when you decide to retire, someone may be interested to buy your business, or license your brand? Do you know that a registered trademark is an IP right that can be sold, bought, licensed, mortgaged or put up as collateral when raising finance?

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