Sang Nkhwazi

Sang is an Electronics and Communications Engineer who is a Director and PQ Patent Attorney at Franks & Co (Mancunium) Ltd, a firm of European Patent & Trade Marks Attorneys, based in Cheadle, Stockport.

“I understand inventors and creative types, because I so happen to be an ideas man. So, my approach to each client is to ask what level of service would I expect from a Patent Attorney if I were standing in the client’s shoes” he says. “This puts things into perspective, and drives the holistic and well-rounded approach with which the firm takes when dealing with clients” That client-centric service is something Sang strives to provide.

Insight and experience

“I have been working in intellectual Property since 2007. I have been developing products on behalf of clients for just as long. Franks & Co Ltd, the parent company of our firm has over 22 years’ experience in Patents, Trade Marks, Registered Designs and Copyright matters, and in that time, we have represented clients from SME’s to Blue-chip companies” he explains. “I have worked on Ultrasonic Surgical Tools, Electro-Mechanical Security Systems for Bank safes, Fishing lures, Artificial-medical implants, a variety of household inventions – remember the baby bib that has a trough to catch food that falls from a baby’s mouth during feeding– I worked on that, of course before it was ever on sale in any supermarket; Similarly, I have worked on LCD Display screens, Water Saving devices, Plumbing tools, a Nanotechnology related invention, and recently on Smart IoT devices, on a Composite material innovation that’s partly made from graphene, and even on an A.I. drone innovation.”

Different kinds of protection

Sang is happy to advise on the protection and enforcement of IP rights, and how individuals and businesses can develop their ideas into useful products that provide value. The work which Franks & Co does can be broken down into Registration services (Patents, Trademarks, Registered Design & Supplementary Protection Certificate applications respectively) ; Dispute resolution (Infringement & Counterfeiting, Copyright infringement); Monitoring services (Trade mark oppositions / Patent invalidation proceedings; Trade mark watch services/ portfolio management) and Licensing services (e.g. Patent licensing; Trade mark licensing; licensing of confidential information ).

“The key to our company’s longevity,” he says, “is helping our clients become successful - plain and simple. We do this by providing a superior level of service that goes beyond the client’s requirements, laying the foundation for unforeseen issues which will become pertinent in the future of the clients business. If you can help your customers not only become successful, but solve problems or create several revenue streams that will maintain that success – you’re onto something”

Sang on networking …..

“I’ve just joined Bowdon Business Club, and so far it’s been very good. I have been to several business breakfast clubs in the past, but none which have impressed me as much as bbc. I’ve been asking myself why I didn’t join earlier – I knew about it several years ago. There are complementary businesses which I hope I can work with, and for pretty much anything most people need, there’s a member who can help with that requirement, or there is a member who knows someone who can help– which is a unique environment to be in. I am learning a lot each week and the format of the proceedings, the charities supported, the education and light humour is something that has inspired me, and which I want more of.

As the representative of the European Patent Attorneys of the club, I hope to be a valuable member and recommend several of the member businesses to some of the people in my family, in my network, and in my extended network.”


Franks & Co (Mancunium) Ltd

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Contact: Sang Nkhwazi
Director and PQ Patent Attorney

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Our company wants to help you secure your Intangible assets, so that you can be in a strong position as you venture out on your business endeavours. You may not think about all the options that are open to you as a business – most of us don’t, but have you ever considered for example that when you decide to retire, someone may be interested to buy your business, or license your brand? Do you know that a registered trademark is an IP right that can be sold, bought, licensed, mortgaged or put up as collateral when raising finance?

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