Sang Nkhwazi

Sang is an Electronics Engineer who is a Technical Director at Sanrixa, a prototyping & product development company based in Cheadle, Stockport.

“I understand inventors and creative types, because I so happen to be an ideas man. So, my approach to each client is to ask what level of service would I expect from a prototyping company if I were standing in the client’s shoes” he says. “This puts things into perspective, and drives the holistic and well-rounded approach with which we take when dealing with clients” That client-centric service is something which drives Sang.

Insight and experience

“I have been working in Intellectual Property since 2007. I have been helping clients develop products since 2010. Sanrixa, my current company is relatively new, but I draw from experience of working in the intellectual property field for over 12 years during which I met inventors who had created all sorts of contraptions, some of which became very successful. These lessons includes the mistakes that were made along that journey." Sang has worked on Ultrasonic Surgical Tools, an Electro-Mechanical Security Systems for a Bank safe, fishing lures, an artificial-medical implant, a variety of household inventions, water saving devices, an agility training ladder, and a Financial technology (FinTech) software.

"I have worked on an LCD Display screen, plumbing tools, a composite material innovation that’s partly made from graphene and recently on Smart IoT devices”

From Idea Conception to Pre-merchantable Prototype

Sang is happy to advise on creating proof of Concept prototypes; product visualisations, prototyping; providing manufacturing support & specialist training

“We strive to create products that fulfil the creator's objectives, one that works and behaves in the way the inventor or creator imagined it to behave and work” he says, “Its hard work, sometimes you have to go through several iterations to get things right, because you're creating something that previously didn't exist. But if you do everything right, and have a great team, great results await you on the other side!"

Sang on networking …..

“I’ve just joined Bowdon Business Club, and so far it’s been very good. I have been to several business breakfast clubs in the past, but none which have impressed me as much as bbc. I’ve been asking myself why I didn’t join earlier – I knew about it several years ago. There are complementary businesses which I hope I can work with, and for pretty much anything most people need, there’s a member who can help with that requirement, or there is a member who knows someone who can help– which is a unique environment to be in. I am learning a lot each week and the format of the proceedings, the charities supported, the education and light humour is something that has inspired me, and which I want more of.

As the representative of the Product Designers of the club, I hope to be a valuable member and recommend several of the member businesses to some of the people in my family, in my network, and in my extended network.”

Sanrixa Prototype

Sanrixa Ltd

Cheadle Place
Stockport Rd,
Cheadle, SK8 2JX

Contact: Sang Nkhwazi
Technical Director

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Helping to bring imagination & dreams to life.

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