Andrew Pearson

Andy is an Estate Planning Consultant with a wide range of experience from a 36 year career in Financial Services.

An extensive financial background allows me to provide additional value to my clients

“Most people’s estates are made up of a combination of cash, property, investments and business assets. Prior to setting up Dynamic Estate Planning Ltd, I was a Corporate Bank Manager, Private Banker and also an Independent Financial Advisor. “says Andy “The knowledge and experience I gained from these roles, and also the qualifications, allows me to provide additional value to my clients. I approach a client with a wide understanding of the nature and interaction of these different asset classes within their estates, beyond purely a legal solution.”

An impressive list of qualifications and memberships

Andy holds the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) Advanced Certificate in Will Preparation (with distinction) and is an affiliate member of STEP. He is also certificated through the Society of Will Writers. He is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers and holds the Certificate for Financial Advisers.

Preparing for the future ….

“I work with other professionals advising their clients on the fundamental legal protection provided through Wills, Lasting and Business Powers of Attorney. I also advise on care fees and Inheritance tax planning and mitigation.

We all know from statistics that around 70% of the population do not have a will. To be honest, not everyone needs a will for their wishes to be met, but they should at least make that decision from an informed position. At the end of the day, wills benefit others when you’re dead, so why should you care, other than our emotion gene that pulls on us to provide and protect. On the other hand, we all have a vested interest in our own lives, which is why it never ceases to amaze me that around 96% of the population do not have lasting powers of attorney in place and many have never heard of them. For most of my clients, appreciating the impact not having these documents in place would have on them and their families, helps them to focus on the planning they require for themselves and their businesses.” Andy explains.

In order to provide advice in any area, it is important to understand a client. What are the hard and soft facts? What are the emotions that drive them and what are the priorities? Following a free initial meeting and given all the necessary information, Andy will outline his advice and provide a flat fee quotation for the advice and preparation of the documentation, which is payable once documentation is ready for signature. Wherever possible, he will oversee the signature and witnessing of documentation and complete registration where necessary.

Andy on networking ……

“Being a member of Bowdon Business Club has had an immediate impact, not only on my business but also my own personal situation. I have received many good introductions from members to their clients and, because of the diversity of businesses within the club, have been able to connect my own clients with members who I know will provide great service. It has also made me reappraise my own situation, initially in respect of my pensions with Fintan Gannon and my insurances with Steve Allen. I would thoroughly recommend coming along to our Friday breakfast meeting to see what it is all about”

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Dynamic Estate Planning

16 Dimple Park, Egerton,
Bolton BL7 9QE,

United Kingdom

Contact: Andrew Pearson

  • 07967 426546
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dynamic Estate Planning

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