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Written by  Wednesday, 17 July 2013 00:00

Jo Forrest

Jo is an authorised distributor for the Utility Warehouse discount club, and is enthusiastic about the benefits the club can bring. She can show you a way to group together your essential utilities onto one monthly bill, then with a range of extra benefits provided by Utility Warehouse, can show you the options to reduce the bill further. can bring.

“Utility Warehouse don’t do any advertising in the National Press or on TV, no sponsorship or direct mailing – preferring to reflect the savings on customer bills so they benefit from the best value in the UK.” Jo says. “Established over 20 years ago, the business has grown steadily to the size it is today predominately by word of mouth recommendations. Existing customers love this new approach to paying their essential bills and the fact they receive a discount on their shopping.” Jo continues. “With Free LED lightbulbs for life and a free gourmet card, for out multi service customers, the savings add up.”

Utility Warehouse is consistently winning awards including ‘Best Buy’ and ‘Recommended utility provider’ awards from Which? Magazine.

Jo on networking…

When I first joined the business club around 6 years ago, a number of members had already been members for many years. I am able to update these members with any developments within the company and ensure they are getting the most out of their membership. Most people want to save money on their essential services and prefer to spend it on things they choose to! The subject is always cropping up – it is great having 30 extra pairs of ears listening out for people interested in saving money or making money!

Fellow Bowdon Business Club member Mark Haywood from The Decorating Company was commissioned to decorate a customer’s home. As a member of Utility Warehouse himself and having experienced the benefits it offers he was able to recommend the company when the conversation turned to rising utility bills one afternoon. I visited the couple who were equally taken with the concept and benefits and they became a member, taking all the services.

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