I have visited over 70 countries

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Mike Ellanthorpe

Mike Ellenthorpe

Mike is a proven business professional who has a diverse and wide ranging skill set - his experience & valuable, transferable knowledge, together with his love of travel and problem solving skills, has proved an ideal combination to create a successful, comprehensive travel business.

“Having lived and worked both in the UK, and overseas, for the past 12 years, operating in areas such as South Africa, Middle East, India, Asia Pacific & the Caribbean, I understand international environments well,” Mike explains.

“I have visited over 70 countries to-date, during a 30 year automotive career with blue chip brands, such as Mercedes Benz, BMW and Porsche. This indulged my passion for travel, and I was able to utilise the places I lived as a spring board to explore other countries, destinations and cultures. I experienced many amazing memories both personally, collectively and most importantly with my family.”Mike continues.

Now settled back in Cheshire, Mike and his wife are well placed to share their knowledge and passion and love for travel by investing in their own travel business.

Travel consultants who create the perfect platform for making memories

Not Just Travel - Cheshire is an independent travel business, based in Hale, Cheshire. Mike and his wife work together as personal travel consultants – gaining an insight into clients` tastes, styles and requirements and by using a combination of their valuable knowledge, experience and contacts within the travel industry create a bespoke holiday

“Our mission is to help clients` book holidays in a more timely, risk free and personal way. We use a simple process to assists clients to achieve dream holidays in less time, by removing the hassle of trawling through endless brochures or searching for days online.” Mike concludes

We cater for every taste of holiday, experience and adventure - ranging from city breaks to luxury villas, skiing to safari, honeymoons to cruises, solo travel to group travel, sporting events to yoga retreats. From the warmth of the Indian Ocean to experiencing a trek along The Great Wall of China, for the well-travelled and for those who may need a little extra support and reassurance.

Mike is passionate about his work with charities

Mike has also achieved some personal goals over the past few years and had a desire to give something back by raising money for charity.

He was very fortunate to join The Steve Prescott Foundation contributing towards raising valuable funds for the three associated charities. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania in 2015 stands out, which included playing a game of rugby within the mountains crater (approximately 19,000ft) – becoming part of a Guinness World Record, (highest game of rugby in the world.)During this trip the group also raised $10,000 for First Chance School, which provided financial support towards helping the school over a 12 month period. With a love for altitude...not...he agreed to represent the same foundation the following year, in their quest to raise further monies by trekking to Everest Base Camp.

He has also taken part in the London Marathon running with his son in 2018 as non-runners, and raised money for Teenage Cancer Trust.

Mike on Networking...

I knew my network had diluted during my 12 years overseas and in order to build awareness of our business, I understood ‘networking’ was a vital element to assist showcasing what we do...and how our professional services can help clients via a larger audience.

A very important part of professional networking is building relationships and trust, not just swapping business cards. I attended a visitors day at the Bowdon Business Club and was immediately taken by the strength of the business relationships and the warmth already in the room. I love the non for profit ethos of the club, and being a big charity fund raiser myself, it is great to be part of such a charity conscious group.

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